Friday, August 1, 2014

This week's book is, drumroll please...

I'm just gonna jump right into it. WARNING spoilers, duh.

Raw by Belle Aurora. 

Let me break it down for you.

This book begins with what supposed to be a compelling scene where the main character (Alexa Ballentine) witnesses a child being abused an runs out to help him. They do a whole weird conversation displaying their whacked up trust issues and then exchange names, reluctantly. This scene is the WHOLE premise of the book. This is the part where the dude (Antonio Falco, later to be known as Twitch) gets her stuck in his head and then later blames her for everything in life. I mean, I get that when your a kid that's in an abusive environment, you tend to latch on an remember kindness. But come on, this kid is supposed to be eight! Why would he remember Alexa so strongly and further more blame her for everything? The book does such a poor job of explaining this fixation. According to it he blames Alexa for giving him something sweet/good in the world an therefore he cannot die.
Secondly, stalking. So much stalking (the traditional kind).
Thirdly, the overwhelming amount of tear jerker moments in this book. Not as many as the sex scenes, but still.
Lastly OMG, yes it's an omg moment, does this book need a sequel or a better explained ending. The ending is one of THE biggest cliffhangers I've ever read. I mean really?  The kid she worked with gets killed before he goes on a date with the other kid she helps (tear jerker). Twitch dies in a coma, she quits being a social worker and has twitch's kid. They visit his grave, she feels his eyes on her, she cries. Suddenly twitch is still alive but faking death to keep them safe. He's waiting for the right moment to come back. Don't do this to me! Either announce a sequel or write a more satisfying ending. It doesn't have to be happy, just satisfying!
What I can say, and you can probably tell from that last little rant, is that I did like the book. It was decent enough to get me engaged, though weirded out and frustrated at times.  So read it if you like but be prepared for that ending.

Leave a comment if you like, suggest a book for me to read /review. 



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